Welcome Back

If you’ve been examined in our office in the past 35 months, you’re in the right place.  If it’s been longer, start here instead. Unsure? Call or text us at 520-568-7538 to find out.

We’ve had some policy updates since your last visit.  Please review these items before booking your appointment.  

  • Dr. Vesper takes pride in providing thorough eye examinations for all his patients. To do this, he requires retinal photos be taken annually on every adult patient so he can confidently see, record and track the health of your eyes and any changes over time. Although this service has historically been provided free of charge, it is NOT covered by vision insurance and we can no longer absorb the cost of providing it for free.  Please plan on paying a discounted rate of $39.00 out of pocket for this service. This service CANNOT be waived at our practice.  This will be a new charge for most patients.
  • Please be prepared for your visit to be billed to either your vision plan or your medical plan:
    • MEC will bill a vision exam to vision insurance if you ONLY have refractive problems with your eyes, and no medical eye problems, history of eye surgery, or systemic illnesses that may impact the eye. If a medical diagnosis is found, then we will no longer bill vision insurance.
    • MEC will bill your medical insurance if you have eye problems or diagnoses that are NOT refractive in nature, or if you have certain systemic medical conditions.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, MEC now requires 72 hours notice, otherwise you will be charged with a $50.00 cancellation/no show fee in order to be able to continue scheduling advance appointments with Dr. Vesper.
  • Although we love children, unaccompanied minors will not be able to complete an exam without a parent or legal guardian that can make medical decisions on their behalf.
  • If you are interested in Vuity drops, we are not the right place for you. Dr. Vesper does not prescribe Vuity.

Established Patient Appointment Request:

I’ve read the above policies and I agree to abide by them.  I’d like to fill out my signature forms and Request an Appointment.  

Still have questions? Learn more about our approach to Vision Exams and what makes a Vision Exam Routine vs. Medical or check out our FAQ page for answers to a variety of common questions.