Private Pay Specials

We know you want quality exam services and materials, whether you have vision insurance or not.  Ask about our special exam pricing for “direct pay” patients.   And, if you’re paying out of pocket for your materials, we offer:

Special pricing on deluxe eyewear*:

  • Choose any regularly priced frame and lens combination and get 20% off your first pair and 30% off your second pair
  • Special discounts on custom progressive lens packages that include the superior optical clarity of trivex material and our best anti-glare, anti-scratch coatings

Buy an annual supply of contact lenses and get:

  • 10% off 
  • Free shipping**
  • 25% off non-prescription sunglasses when you purchase an annual supply of contact lenses

*Cannot be combined with insurance allowances or insurance discounts
** Must be requested at the time the order is placed.  Shipment will come directly from our distributor.