Frequently Asked Questions

Planning and Preparing for your VisitAppointments, Payment, Billing

Q. How do I make an appointment?

A. First time patients or patients who have not been examined at our office in more than 36 months can request an appointment by filling out our Registration & Appointment Request form, located on the Your First Visit page, where you’ll also find important information about office policies and procedures. Returning patients who’ve been examined at our office in the past 35 months should visit our Welcome Back page to review our updated policies and fill out an Established Patient Appointment Request, which also contains the required signature forms. Unsure how long it’s been?  Call or text our scheduling department at 520-568-7538 and we can assist you.


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Care Credit. We DO NOT accept checks.


Q. Do I need to pay my copay upfront?

A. Yes, we collect all exam fees at time of check-in.


Q. What insurances do you take?

A. Please see our Insurance page for a list of the insurance companies we contract with for medical visits and vision exams and materials. Read on for information on when we bill medical insurance vs. vision insurance.


Q. When do you bill my MEDICAL insurance?

A. Any exam that results in a primary medical diagnosis must be billed to MEDICAL insurance .  For more information, see our Vision Exams page.


Q. When do you bill my VISION insurance?

A. We will bill your exam to VISION insurance if you do not have any medical diagnosis known to impact eye health, and if your exam does not find medical eye problems. For more information, see our Vision Exams page. We can use your vision insurance for materials, even if your exam must be billed to MEDICAL insurance.


Q. If you bill my exam to my medical insurance, can I still use my VSP benefits?

A. Yes, if you have VSP materials benefits available, you may use them for frame/lens/contacts.


Planning and Preparing for your VisitVision Exams

Q. What does a vision exam include at Maricopa Eye Care?
A. Our vision exams include a comprehensive health screening or medical examination of the eye, retinal photos, and refractive testing, which produces a prescription for eyeglasses, if one is indicated. See our Vision Exams page for more information on routine vision exams vs. medical vision exams.


Q. Does my vision exam include a contact lens prescription?

A. Your vision exam DOES NOT automatically include an evaluation or prescription for contact lenses. However, many patients choose to add a contact lens evaluation to their annual vision exam appointment. Separate fees and copays apply.  Be sure to let our scheduling team know if you’d like a prescription for contact lenses, so we can prepare accordingly.


Q. What is a Refraction?

A. Refraction is a test that measures a person’s best corrected visual acuity and provides data needed for a prescription for glasses/contacts. Refraction is also necessary to identify and measure vision loss that may occur due to medical issues.


Q. Does the doctor need to refract during my visit?

A. Refraction is required for all routine vision exams, all medical vision exams and some medical office visits.  


Q. What is a retinal photo and why does the doctor require them annually?

A. Retinal imaging takes a digital picture of the back of your eye, giving a wider and more complete view of the retina, optic nerve, and blood vessels than what can be seen at one time in the optical microscope. Capturing this view in a photo gives the doctor a precise, digital snapshot of your eye, allowing him to identify and compare any changes over time, which assists in ruling out or monitoring eye disease. In short, Dr. Vesper feels retinal photos help him provide more comprehensive care for his patients.


Q. Can I opt out of retinal screening?

A. No, Dr. Vesper requires a retinal screening to be done annually. The annual retinal screening will include retinal photos for all adult patients and for patients of all ages with medical issues that can affect the posterior segment of the eye.


About your glasses and contact lenses

Q. Can I order glasses and pay for them when they arrive?

A. No. All frame and lens combinations are custom, made-to-order jobs that cannot be re-purposed for another patient; therefore, we cannot place an order without payment in full.


Q. Do you accept payment plans for glasses/contacts?

A. We do not offer payment plans. We can, however, provide a quote that locks in your price for 30 days. We also accept Care Credit financing, which provides 6-month deferred interest on transactions $200 and higher.


Q. How long will my glasses take to arrive?

A. Glasses typically arrive 2-3 weeks after the order is placed.


Q. How long do I have to “test” my new glasses?

A. We recommend that you try your glasses for 4-7 days, as prescription changes often require adaptation as your eyes get used to the new prescription. If you are still having issues after that, let us know as soon as possible, and before 30 days from the time you picked up your order.


Q. How long do I have to “test” my new contacts?

A. If you are new contact lens wearer, or if your habitual contact lens prescription changes, Dr. Vesper provides trial lenses as part of the contact lens evaluation process. We recommend you use the trial lenses for 4-7 days before placing an order. If you have any issues or concerns, please let us know ASAP, but definitely within 30 days from the start of your contact lens evaluation. Keep in mind that wearing contact lenses longer than they are designed to be worn can reduce lens performance, comfort, and safety.


Q. Can I bring in my own frame to lens?

A. Absolutely! Keep in mind that we cannot provide a warranty for a frame you did not purchase here or that was purchased here but is now outside of the warranty period. Also, you would need to leave that frame with us and sign a damage liability waiver before we will lens your frame.


Q. What is your warranty policy?

A. All frames (excluding closeouts) are covered up to 1 year for manufacturing defects. Any scratch resistant or anti-reflective coating added to your lenses will provide a 1-year warranty. Each time you need to warranty your frame or lenses, we do collect a $15.00 warranty service fee to cover shipping and handling. Please also note that frame and lens warranties do not cover loss, as the broken/damaged frame or lenses must be returned to the manufacturer.


Q. How much are your glasses?

A. It is impossible to provide a quote without knowing your prescription, frame choice, and any lens enhancements you are interested in. To get the most accurate quote, we recommend you set up a time to speak with our optician, either in person or via phone call.


Q. What brands of glasses and sunglasses do you carry?

A. We have over 1000 frames in stock, ranging from traditional basics to the latest designer styles. Check out our Glasses & Sunglasses page for a list of brands. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date.